Ava Max and Daneliya Tuleshova Sing "Kings and Queens" - America's Got Talent 2020 

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We. Are. Stunned. Ava Max and Daneliya Tuleshova sing a breathtaking rendition of "Kings and Queens."
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Ava Max and Daneliya Tuleshova Sing "Kings and Queens" - America's Got Talent 2020
America's Got Talent
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2020 ж. 23 Қыр.





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Trumpet 32 минут бұрын
Trumpet 34 минут бұрын
Mr. Milzzzz
Mr. Milzzzz 2 сағат бұрын
Ok but why do I want climb behind the stage with the bunch of balls
Shreeya Kasichainula
Shreeya Kasichainula 3 сағат бұрын
their voices are beautiful. and they sound so alike
Nata Music
Nata Music 3 сағат бұрын
Merieme mrym
Merieme mrym 3 сағат бұрын
Subscribe to my channel Please I need support 💓
Вика Шаихова
Вика Шаихова 5 сағат бұрын
Какая молодчинка Тулешова👍успехов тебе на твоем творческом поприще🙏.Родители молодцы вам здоровья финансов и терпения😘,потому ,что ,это все не за спасибо ,эти выходы со звездами ,эти ротации.Доча у вас класс 👍вашими силами и финансами,отказами от своих нужд и внимания к семье...это очень сложно ,тяжело и очень много подводных камней..так держать 👌🙏👍🌹😘
Алтынай Жарылкасынова
Billie Eilish
Billie Eilish 8 сағат бұрын
Daneliya at 14: singing with Ava Max Me at 14: eating a spring roll watching AGT
Fathimath Izuva Ali
Fathimath Izuva Ali 10 сағат бұрын
Daneliya should be a singer She sing so GoOD
Kripa Popli
Kripa Popli 11 сағат бұрын
no autotune here! and a totally beautiful voice!!
홍건족 12 сағат бұрын
Ava too mocn beautiful
it that Jasmina
it that Jasmina 13 сағат бұрын
Данеля ты лучше всех мы любим тебя
Jorelyn Banga
Jorelyn Banga 14 сағат бұрын
She’s Ava Max Kids Version ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Danielle McPeak
Danielle McPeak 16 сағат бұрын
Wow i am mind blown! They both are good and sound the same.
john hickey
john hickey 16 сағат бұрын
Daneliya tuleshova has an amazing talent. Daneliya and ava sound like they have been singing together for years love it.🎵🎶💯❤🌟
Jenny Nguyen
Jenny Nguyen 19 сағат бұрын
Ava Max she reminded a little like young lady Gaga.
Lakiera Hawkins
Lakiera Hawkins 23 сағат бұрын
Queen Lalisa
Queen Lalisa Күн бұрын
Such a queen, I was wrong about Lisa being the only queen. Daneliya and Lisa forever!
sᴡᴇᴇᴛᴇᴀ Күн бұрын
Is that even a stage?!?! WOW!
Der kommentierende Boss
Der kommentierende Boss Күн бұрын
Stylist: How many chains do you want Ava Max: Yes
Veronica Sharpe
Veronica Sharpe Күн бұрын
They sound amazing but I kinda feel like this song is a little grown up for a 14 year old.
Қасым Забихов
Қасым Забихов Күн бұрын
I'm from Kazakhstan❤❤
It’s yo fat mamma
It’s yo fat mamma Күн бұрын
We must protect her
Rudra Chandole
Rudra Chandole Күн бұрын
I love both girls
Study with dilko
Study with dilko Күн бұрын
Chathavino Күн бұрын
I love Daneliya so much ❤️... Bt I feel lk this was the worst performance of her in Agt😏😑 But I just love 😍😍😍😍😘😘😘
david temple
david temple 2 күн бұрын
I was watching tears of gold, Again 35 million plus views. Dam that's full on epic.
donovan wong
donovan wong 2 күн бұрын
Not gon lie their voices sound alike
Чисто Байк
Чисто Байк 2 күн бұрын
Данелия завела эту композицию! Типа шизгариса.класс!
Areesha Chowdhury
Areesha Chowdhury 2 күн бұрын
I love how Ava is so confident
Pooran Ram
Pooran Ram 14 сағат бұрын
Yes same
Vincent khyriemmujat
Vincent khyriemmujat 2 күн бұрын
Very nice voice 😍😍
Orce Tata
Orce Tata 3 күн бұрын
You must understand that we must walk with sincerity Truth and love every time We must not discriminate we must do nothing else that we are all equal on this earth
Orce Tata
Orce Tata 3 күн бұрын
Daneliya Tuleshova I LOVE YOU
Kian McDonald
Kian McDonald 3 күн бұрын
Finally one Where ava is singing liveee❤️
haha hoho
haha hoho 3 күн бұрын
FF_ Girl
FF_ Girl 3 күн бұрын
In fact, this is not fair) Kazakhstan's Danelia should have won🙁
Unicorn Squad
Unicorn Squad 3 күн бұрын
Ava max is one of those unique singers who their voice sounds the same without autotune
hussain ahmad
hussain ahmad 3 күн бұрын
daneliya should go in the voice she will win there for sure she will win Daneliya is alway are winner! by the way who won america's go talent? lol!
hussain ahmad
hussain ahmad Сағат бұрын
@Shaun G ohh i win watch it and thx for telling
Shaun G
Shaun G Күн бұрын
Daneliya won the voice kids Ukraine in 2017
Crazy Kritters
Crazy Kritters 3 күн бұрын
Danelya won in my heart
Haden Nguyen
Haden Nguyen 3 күн бұрын
There is also Kidz bop version 2021 album.
Haden Nguyen
Haden Nguyen 3 күн бұрын
Nice music:)
Alicia Amelia Pérez
Alicia Amelia Pérez 3 күн бұрын
The ral question is like how long it to take all thos light balls
Nava Neetha
Nava Neetha 4 күн бұрын
Nava Neetha
Nava Neetha 4 күн бұрын
Nava Neetha
Nava Neetha 4 күн бұрын
Tabby Roswall
Tabby Roswall 4 күн бұрын
The winner is the worst
Nia Granger
Nia Granger 4 күн бұрын
She is not American. That's why they didn't choose her, unfortunately😔.
YueQi Sam
YueQi Sam 4 күн бұрын
Collin Hess
Collin Hess 5 күн бұрын
I wish she was my sister then when she sings I won’t hear screeeeeeechhhhhhh
Есен Оттама
Есен Оттама 5 күн бұрын
Дұрыстап дайындалу керек еді мынау ұят болды қарапайым әнге сонша қиналды
Акмарал Жакатай
Акмарал Жакатай 5 күн бұрын
Соншама озин кушти айтатындай айттынго онын даусы керемет
Jimin love jam
Jimin love jam 5 күн бұрын
She sounds exactly like her omg
Minato Namikaze
Minato Namikaze 5 күн бұрын
When I see daneliya I become like a jealous pig because she has really great voice and me.. Lol xD
Von Dominique
Von Dominique 5 күн бұрын
Damn Daniliya is such a high class girl. Her movements, gestures and expression...truly high class.
Rick Rolled eyes
Rick Rolled eyes 4 күн бұрын
Shofia Dzakiroh
Shofia Dzakiroh 5 күн бұрын
Waw.. Amazing
Natallia Harachka
Natallia Harachka 5 күн бұрын
My voice goes to her
TJ Ware IV
TJ Ware IV 5 күн бұрын
Wow! Daneliya has the prettiest voice I have ever heard! So much talent!
Анна Локтионова
Анна Локтионова 6 күн бұрын
Детка, ты танцуешь не одна....пой в Америке, пожалуйста... привет из Казахстана)
Rick Rolled eyes
Rick Rolled eyes 4 күн бұрын
Ellie Plays
Ellie Plays 6 күн бұрын
Oh my god Ava Max is so gooooddd %^$^%#%$#
Cara Rownd
Cara Rownd 6 күн бұрын
Sia Corbs
Sia Corbs 6 күн бұрын
It's crazy but honestly no one's here remember the winner.. because of her😂😂
david temple
david temple 2 күн бұрын
Lol was just thinking that myself. I have no idea who won. For singers dens, and bonnavager and the bloke that was in jail were the stand outs.
yulia fatma nst
yulia fatma nst 5 күн бұрын
Yeess... coz for me she is the winner
JacobAhueJrLovesMen 6 күн бұрын
Chillax Cardi
Chillax Cardi 6 күн бұрын
Daneliya 💓...
The Watcher
The Watcher 6 күн бұрын
omg is that an actual balloon cave!
Shudu Voodoo
Shudu Voodoo 6 күн бұрын
Не дотягивает
matt weddington
matt weddington 6 күн бұрын
like OMG thats my dream to meet her like if sweet but phsyco is stuck in your head its so good
Ray Chase
Ray Chase 6 күн бұрын
Daneliya sounds better than Ava
Árpád Szeiff
Árpád Szeiff 6 күн бұрын
That's right. But note that Ava consciously helped Daneliya. Ava was the only guest artist that night who wasn’t jealous of her duet pair. That’s why Daneliya was able to perform wonderfully despite the fatigue. In summary. A professional singer showed how cute she was. And a cute young singer showed how professional she was. That's how it got fantastic.
yulia fatma nst
yulia fatma nst 7 күн бұрын
Why?? I'm always come back again... and again and again to this clips
Айгуль Айгуль
Айгуль Айгуль 7 күн бұрын
Меніңше осында аитқан əні жеңілдеу болды.Негізі күрделі əн аитқанда жақсы болар еді.
Sophia Massoud
Sophia Massoud 7 күн бұрын
wow she is amazing!!!
Janna Tian
Janna Tian 8 күн бұрын
I wish she had higher keys 🥰
Robert Moradi
Robert Moradi 8 күн бұрын
Lady coco sucks
Rus Hamiti
Rus Hamiti 8 күн бұрын
Zhölû Clover
Zhölû Clover 8 күн бұрын
Gives me goosebumps. Both my favorites 😍
Нурсерик Досов
Нурсерик Досов 8 күн бұрын
Я за тебя принцесса
SavageWolf 8 күн бұрын
They both have accents when talking but when singing THEY ARE FIRE
hailo team
hailo team 8 күн бұрын
I can sing better Said nobody ever literally i sing like a dying cow
Shadow_Knight 7 күн бұрын
thehorselesscantor 9 күн бұрын
I know a lot of people were surprised that Daneliya didn't win, but since Daneliya is from Kazakhstan, a lot of her fans aren't from the US. So many of her fans (those not in the US) watched but couldn't vote. Or tried to vote and their votes were ruled ineligible. And she probably isn't as well-known here (even though she was on another talent show here...that show wasn't successful so I still don't think a lot of Americans would know her previously. ) I'm from the US but I knew her from JESC because I follow that. But yeah, the majority of JESC fans aren't from the US either!
Shaun G
Shaun G Күн бұрын
She gained over 300k subscribers on her youtube channel when she auditioned for agt.
Koketso Molepo
Koketso Molepo 9 күн бұрын
Who else misses the first Daneliya we saw singing stone cold on the voice🥺🥺🥺still looking for a performance I can connect to like her first one......it was very special.
Árpád Szeiff
Árpád Szeiff 9 күн бұрын
There are unrepeatable moments in life. This is why these moments are so valuable.
AmiEquestrian 10 күн бұрын
I love Ava and Daneliya together!!! They should do more of these!!
OFFICIAL ESC 10 күн бұрын
yes they should do more songs together
Aya Gali
Aya Gali 10 күн бұрын
Michelle 10 күн бұрын
Ze is de wereld aan het overheerse haha. (She is taking over the world. Haha)
Kosma TB
Kosma TB 10 күн бұрын
Жарайсың Данэлия😊😀
Isylium 10 күн бұрын
la fille chante vraiment beaucoup mieux !!!!
HoneyCove Hive
HoneyCove Hive 10 күн бұрын
No kidding I thouh Daneliya was Ava 🤭
HoneyCove Hive
HoneyCove Hive 10 күн бұрын
Nava Neetha
Nava Neetha 10 күн бұрын
Куатбек Сергельбеков
Puma4454 10 күн бұрын
The moron who won that season was complete BS. This girl, in my opinion can sing just as good as Ava Max, if not better in some parts. And some guy who reads poetry fast wins...something that literally takes no talent whatsoever LOL. Wow, good job America, you managed to screw up yet another thing.
Árpád Szeiff
Árpád Szeiff 9 күн бұрын
Daneliya respects Brandom. For example, here he talks about it with love. kzvid.info/bejne/bHCcrmzPeZ95aI4.html
Aimee 10 күн бұрын
0:35 she sang so beautifully
Aimee 8 күн бұрын
Aimee 8 күн бұрын
Aimee 8 күн бұрын
Aimee 8 күн бұрын
Aimee 8 күн бұрын
jo ko
jo ko 10 күн бұрын
She is fantastic. I'm talking about Daneliya of course. She is above it ...
Violinistories 10 күн бұрын
Ava joined the stage? Man I'm jealous, I want to meet Ava
Árpád Szeiff
Árpád Szeiff 9 күн бұрын
You wouldn't have done well with it now. Due to the epidemic, they had to be several meters apart. Also during practice.
SEWERYN MENTEL 10 күн бұрын
Violinistories 11 күн бұрын
I feel like right at the beginning of the song, Daneliya has bad breath control and it sounds like she's gasping for air Still, her tone sounds very pretty and she has good vibrato/resonance
Violinistories 10 күн бұрын
@Ian Logie I still feel as if she's taking a lot of breaths. Still though her singing is nice despite that
Ian Logie
Ian Logie 11 күн бұрын
I don't hear any gasping. I think she just has to learn to move the mic away from her mouth when she is taking a breath (when possible). I've heard many times from vocal professionals that Danelya has excellent breath control. Just saying.
Shokhrukh Mamadaliev
Shokhrukh Mamadaliev 11 күн бұрын
They've got very similar voices LOL
Master Shaman
Master Shaman 11 күн бұрын
WAH WAH TIN 11 күн бұрын
Ava Max and Daneliya Tuleshova is a great pair
Siva Rai
Siva Rai 11 күн бұрын
There voices are so BEAUTIFUL!!!!!
Pasquale Romano
Pasquale Romano 11 күн бұрын
So sweet and very polite Ava, keeping her amplifier vocal cords gain on 10%, not to make Daneliya look bad :D
Pasquale Romano
Pasquale Romano 8 күн бұрын
@hello time Sorry, can you explain? I didn't understand what you said
hello time
hello time 8 күн бұрын
@Pasquale Romano what exactly are you talking about I'm a sound man and you statement makes no since.
Pasquale Romano
Pasquale Romano 8 күн бұрын
@hello time Not correct. Realist, I'd say
hello time
hello time 8 күн бұрын
Pasquale Romano
Pasquale Romano 10 күн бұрын
sergio lenarduzzi
sergio lenarduzzi 12 күн бұрын
This young girl has wheels
david temple
david temple 12 күн бұрын
I never heard of Ava max before this. She sounds awesome. Love dens and hope these two work together in the future. both are amazing
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