pulling out the 12,000 IQ REVERSE marination strats... 

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Disguised Toast pulls out some reverse marination strats at the end of the very end of the gang's drunk among us session. Enjoy
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2021 ж. 21 Қаң.





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Peachy Man
Peachy Man 9 сағат бұрын
Bruh sips can be rearranged into piss
Fariko Drifty
Fariko Drifty 15 күн бұрын
Ludwig played toast but gg
Many Name
Many Name 16 күн бұрын
Coundv been me 🥺 Ash oh my gosh.
wtfsonny 23 күн бұрын
U guys are dumb asf.. LMAO. Toast didn't reverse marinate shit. He actually didn't know, that's why on 4, he was willing to skip. If he KNEW 100% why wouldn't he vote ludwig when brooke & syk was with him before the bodies were reported 🤦🏻‍♂️, just clickbait.
Twisted Code
Twisted Code 24 күн бұрын
on that last game, I think I missed something: When did Toast see Ludwig walking away from a body? edit: nevermind, it was close to the beginning of the game, Ludwig passed by right before toast reported Jack's body. Hence the name of the video: reverse marination strat
Twisted Code
Twisted Code 24 күн бұрын
having seen 5UP play the anonymous impostors mod, I really hope Toast takes him up on that offer to play it together. I like it about as much as the Mafia mod, which is really saying something since that's my favorite mod so far
Minerva 24 күн бұрын
plantains are not..............bananas.........................
Masta 25 күн бұрын
21:32 "he used feelings to win" LOL
Della Rosa
Della Rosa Ай бұрын
Plantains and bananas are two different berries.
Dino Pooper
Dino Pooper Ай бұрын
If corpse ran for president most of his fans can’t vote 😂
Abigail R
Abigail R Ай бұрын
Christina Tignor
Christina Tignor Ай бұрын
Plantains and bananas are not the same thing, the Spanish word for banana is guineo, the Spanish word for plantain is platano.
FranticSkunk Ай бұрын
Ngl thought Toast went blind and didn't see Lud walking from Jack's body xd
Sandro Murad
Sandro Murad Ай бұрын
how did u miss ludwig?
tyatkns Ай бұрын
When he said plantains are Spanish for bananas I died inside knowing I have no way of correcting him
NoGoodMarw Ай бұрын
Corpse being on the receiving end of the voice powers I see...
WhiteSpaghet i
WhiteSpaghet i Ай бұрын
banana in Spanish is: plátano
hn ic
hn ic Ай бұрын
Lud asked toast if he saw him running.. toast talked about a vent.. how he miss that..... Turns out he didn't miss it. But wtf
Bella Ай бұрын
That would be a National anthem I could get behind ;)
Hunter Grant
Hunter Grant Ай бұрын
Is anyone gonna tell him tht plantains r not Spanish for bananas 🤦🏼‍♀️😂
JusttSarinaa Ай бұрын
I’ve been watching Toast and only Toast play Among Us for months now, and today was the day I saw him do a task I’ve never even seen before.
k1ng0fgam3s Ай бұрын
Platanos is spanish for plantains, guineos is bananas.
BaybeeFace Narrates
BaybeeFace Narrates Ай бұрын
I've seen this game from Sykkuno's perspective, so I just thought that Toast was just trolling, but watching it from his pov, it makes way more sense. He knew that if he hard accused Lud when he found out that he was impostor, he'd have been put in a 50/50 and also would have been a target for the other impostor, so he played dumb and made Lud think that he marinated Toast. He definitely could have voted Lud earlier, but he knew that he was safe from a kill the whole time and that he would not be caught in the 50/50, since Lud wouldn't put somebody that he marinated in that position. It was also way more entertaining. Genius stuff from ol' Toasty
Alexis Buckles
Alexis Buckles Ай бұрын
*lud passes toast after killing 5up* *toast reports 5up's body but has no info* *lud threatens toast the next round* toast: I have no clue who the imposter is
Laika Martin
Laika Martin Ай бұрын
ackkk can't believe I watched this live. this is how toast's comments on fb became chaos HAHHAHAHHA
Flint Phatdong
Flint Phatdong Ай бұрын
I believed you at first when you said plantain was Spanish for banana, then I remembered I speak Spanish and no it not.
Dusty Ай бұрын
my grandma made plantainz it was ze best
evilbuster Ай бұрын
just saying toast the tag says disgusied toast which is spelled wrong
Gurdeep Singh Khalsa
Gurdeep Singh Khalsa Ай бұрын
6:33 Ash was saying Corpse is in the bathroom to everyone when lights were off, so Sykkuno knew it was her lol
mike93610 Ай бұрын
Please stop playing with DK. He is the worse "pro" player i ever seen ever.
Simply Skrypt
Simply Skrypt Ай бұрын
When dk is impostor he does the 9th crew thing When dk is crew he's the 3rd impostor
Cydell Machitar
Cydell Machitar Ай бұрын
Toast: Why aren't you fixing the lights Brooke? Brooke: Because I thought Sykkuno killed you because he came back. Sykkuno: Oh, hey I thought Brooke killed you.
Liz Es
Liz Es Ай бұрын
Plantains?💀 he meant platanos right?
Mikah Reinhold
Mikah Reinhold Ай бұрын
NH check
Alyn Lyn
Alyn Lyn Ай бұрын
Mod idea- “3rd imposter” die in 30 seconds after they voted for the imposter, hint: they are supposedly blindly help the imposter (anonymous voting) If they didn’t they don’t die obvi then this gives them info of who isn’t the imp
gradys intern
gradys intern Ай бұрын
Hey I’m from New Hampshire 😄
Nawdge Ай бұрын
*d i s g u s i e d*
Nawdge Ай бұрын
*d i s g u i s d*
Very Anonymous
Very Anonymous Ай бұрын
the dementia leaving tina’s body as soon as toast is about to vote her off: 🕺💃🕺💃🕺💃
Mohd Ridhuan
Mohd Ridhuan Ай бұрын
What is ash social media?
The TV Lover
The TV Lover Ай бұрын
I mean, I’m no Spaniard, but... I don’t think Plantain is Spanish for Banana... Bananas and plantains are two different things, even though they are pretty similar.
Jordan Casavant
Jordan Casavant Ай бұрын
Not toast being too drunk to notice lud killed in medbay
Bukola Omole
Bukola Omole Ай бұрын
Hey toast, just a friendly correction plantain isn't spanish for banana, plantains are almost an entirely different plant/vegetable on their own. I don't think it's even spanish, it's much bigger than bananas and holds his form better than bananas So please try not to make the same mistake again Plantains aren't spanish for bananas
A Free Potato Chip
A Free Potato Chip Ай бұрын
plantains is not spanish for bananas who told you that
Ariana Reece
Ariana Reece Ай бұрын
"Plantains which is spanish for bananas" Me a caribbean person: 👁️👄👁️ whut
Lil' Cart
Lil' Cart Ай бұрын
WOAH corpse is also from san diego thats crazy, love that dude
Natalie Zielinski
Natalie Zielinski Ай бұрын
Side note, plantains isn’t “Spanish for bananas” they’re entirely different fruits
james cons
james cons Ай бұрын
Ash is a gem
Dani G
Dani G Ай бұрын
Can someone do an all lobby reaction of reverse marination :(
Melville Jethro
Melville Jethro Ай бұрын
is it this guys toast or disguised toast?
Mytea Ай бұрын
lol didn't you see ludwig running away from the corpse when you reported it on med scan? :D 9:50 you could have already won long ago there hrhr
Latex Ай бұрын
I like toast but the titles are cringy
Cal b 2nd Cal
Cal b 2nd Cal Ай бұрын
Of 1k subs Remember cal b plaz on among us ggrrrrr
Cal b 2nd Cal
Cal b 2nd Cal Ай бұрын
Do u Reiner me and I lied
Sarah Caccese
Sarah Caccese Ай бұрын
I feel like toast made the intro more distinct
Zarmina Abbas
Zarmina Abbas Ай бұрын
Wait did he actually use the sabotage sound instead of the bleep? Happens at 0:09
meg Ай бұрын
toast looks like he's about to take my mcdonald's order
Christian De leon
Christian De leon Ай бұрын
Arent plantains platanos ?
Manal Al Bahrani
Manal Al Bahrani Ай бұрын
I'm so surprised how toast didn't see Ludwig
R34F Ай бұрын
Had anyone else realized that disguised toast at the beginning also sounds like this guys toast
Ronaldoo Lionall
Ronaldoo Lionall Ай бұрын
we want animation ....................
Lily Bolanos
Lily Bolanos Ай бұрын
I love you toast but plantains aren’t Spanish for banana
pegicorn302 Ай бұрын
Ash: anyone from Queensland? Me: YES! ME! I'M FROM QUEENSLAND!
chxmx Ай бұрын
When Lud said "Sorry" at 12:28 and walked away from Toast for a second he killed Rae. It was so funny from Luds perspective
Ricky Whisenhunt
Ricky Whisenhunt Ай бұрын
Can’t tell if toast actually thinks plantains are spanish bananas or not
N9neReverses Ай бұрын
I like how toast and 5up are talking like scientists then at 6:27 then i think corpse vents
Um Cara Normal num Planeta normal
Ludwig killing Peter and Corpse after Toast sussed them both out was the best thing ever lol, Lud wasnt even trying at that point
juan camilo martinez hurtado
Sharkie Simply
Sharkie Simply Ай бұрын
I noticed that toast seems to be drinking a lot hahahaha what happened?? Depression???
Bleach Bomb
Bleach Bomb Ай бұрын
Plantains are not the same as bananas, toast.
Cam C
Cam C Ай бұрын
Toast’s acting was so good that, even tho I saw him see loud running away from the body, I questioned myself if he actually saw, if that actually happened, and if it actually was lud
Ankit Ай бұрын
Is none gonna talk about how there is 999k views today
Steven J
Steven J Ай бұрын
Spanish for banana is banana
Joaly Rodriguez
Joaly Rodriguez Ай бұрын
Not Him saying plantains are Spanish for bananas
Benelius Paige II
Benelius Paige II Ай бұрын
I feel like people read way to much into movement in this game. You can literally get trolled and throw off because of that just focus on gathering evidence lol
spotty cake
spotty cake Ай бұрын
This man said plantain and said it’s Spanish for bananas 🤦🏻‍♂️sorry bro that was just dumb
Sierra Elizabeth
Sierra Elizabeth Ай бұрын
Me at 17:23 wondering if toast is third imposter. Like didn’t Ludwig kill in medbay😂 he literally asked toast if he saw that
Nathu Ай бұрын
why toast. why yawn you made me yawn
Frances Lim
Frances Lim Ай бұрын
Look at our boy Lud being a thumbnail click now :')
jayde Ай бұрын
i just got so excited to hear ludwig is from NH LOL i love finding celebs from the same state as me :)))
Whack Da’ Mast
Whack Da’ Mast Ай бұрын
but plantains isnt spanish for bananas
VenraUwU Ай бұрын
Did Sykkuno just spoiled me about Death note? ok
David Rosenberg
David Rosenberg Ай бұрын
i love mixing up the lobbies in videos, not sure how long that's been a thing but 12,000 IQ has never felt like such fresh content
The Higher Space
The Higher Space Ай бұрын
oooooooh now I get it lol, I saw this from Ludwig point of view and couldnt tell why toast was so confused about him being imposter lol .. from Toasts perspective it was really crazy lol
Redelectric Ай бұрын
The fuck is sips doing here?!
Selma Sjerén Jungmark
Selma Sjerén Jungmark Ай бұрын
Wait did someone vent at 6:00
TKB Liftime
TKB Liftime Ай бұрын
6:27 how did no one see that vent XD
Doubt Ай бұрын
You know... hafu and toast say oh no when they realize they’re with DK and then dk says: _____ and I! A classic!
FlurryQuackers Dorito
FlurryQuackers Dorito Ай бұрын
Good job Toast 🍞 they should make a Toast emoji
Reaper 2.0
Reaper 2.0 Ай бұрын
You are with 5up and you are next to reactor
Reaper 2.0
Reaper 2.0 Ай бұрын
Toast go back to 6.33 on your video and the vent opens and you here someone’s voice
FlurryQuackers Dorito
FlurryQuackers Dorito Ай бұрын
I feel like Miyoung is a sadist
FlurryQuackers Dorito
FlurryQuackers Dorito Ай бұрын
Brooke is annoying
Adithya U N
Adithya U N Ай бұрын
That lud game was a hell of a game appreciate you toast for solving the mistery
winxxie™ Ай бұрын
NOO! I got marinated lol I thought ludwig marinated toast, but then he marinated me HAHHAAHHHAHA
i need the video of lud killing rae so bad
Aaron Ай бұрын
Ash is so bad at lying. She also isnt funny lmao
Junct Ай бұрын
Toast: gets DK as partner Toast: *O H G A W D*
Manzir Chowdhury
Manzir Chowdhury Ай бұрын
Damn! you are a fu**ing genius... You never cease to amaze us! If i were u i would have voted sykkuno long time ago but you replayed the whole round in ur mind and voted lud😅
Zainab Rizvi
Zainab Rizvi Ай бұрын
Did he not see Ludwig?
she activated my 4500 IQ impostor TRAP CARD...
Рет қаралды 2,8 МЛН
my absurd 12,500 IQ MEME STRATS as solo impostor...
the 13,300 IQ FAKE SCAN self clear as impostor...
Toast and Dream's 10,100 IQ INVISIBILITY strategy....?
10,300 IQ 3rd IMPOSTOR recruitment...
Рет қаралды 1,4 МЛН